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Grown in the heart of the lush Devon countryside on the edge of the Blackdown Hills, we offer a wide variety of plants.  All orders are picked out by hand by our staff, to ensure we supply you with the best plants at their optimum quality for planting out.

Because of the seasonal nature of our work our stock changes from season to season.  

We endeavour to keep our Availability Lists up to date, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

With a wide range we’re confident you’ll find our plants meet your needs.   Larger orders can also be delivered by us, hence you will make cost savings.  For smaller orders we use a next day delivery courier service.

Helping To Reduce Plastic Waste in 
Our Industry!

Trimplants has developed a new concept of growing plants Potfree over the past few years.  Cuttings are not grown in plug trays or pots but grown over a season in a continuous trough. The troughs are held in metal frames above the ground, which helps with aeration. The system helps the plants to produce a compact and fibrous root system.  With the introduction of biochar as a growing medium, the troughs also allow for precious microbial networks to establish across the plants.

We offer two sizes, 5cm and 9cm. This refers to the plant spacing rather than the root volume. With the 5cm there is a minimum growing time of around 3 months but often longer. These plants are ideal for potting in 1 or 2 litre pots. The plant size is often the equivalent to a 9cm liner pot.

Our 9cm size is for more vigorous species or where the plant needs to be grown on for a longer period of time.  This is often equivalent to a 1 litre plant. Many are grown in an outdoor environment, which supports growth of a naturally bushy and more resilient plant.  Soft growth is reduced, helping to prevent pests and disease.  Applications of pest  deterrents are therefore less frequent.


One of the benefits of using this method is the time saved at the potting stage. Plants are prepared ready for putting straight through the potting machine or hand potting operations. Time is not wasted removing plants from pots, nor having to deal with large quantities of small plastic pots. 


We transport the plants in returnable crates, trays or trolleys.  Smaller quantities can be dispatched loose in cardboard boxes. 

We have found a substantial saving in delivery volume, estimated at as much as 60% when comparing a 9cm pot with a 5cm Potfree plant.

TrimTroFF Plants


Details of our Potfree Plants


Potfree TrimTroFF plants are grown in a pleated fabric in rows across a tray.  The plants

develop their roots along the channel making use of all the available soil/compost. 

The root branches naturally, often produce a more fibrous structure.  The roots penetrate 

the fabric, connect with other plants and grow towards the bottom of the tray.  

Our addition of homemade biochar into our mixes, increases habitats for beneficial microbes and releases moisture and nutrients to the plant roots slowly as required.   When plants are removed from the tray and fabric,  the roots are pruned which helps with further establishment.


The root zone does not become compacted and bound together, unlike plants grown in 

plugs or pots.  Plants such as Cytisus and Pittosporums often have issues with root spiralling, this is prevented using our potfree system.


As plants across the troughs share the compost/biochar held within the channels, water, nutrients and bio flora flow across the plants. Soil microbial systems are supported and establish themselves around the plant roots.  We've been working with Plymouth University researchers over the past  year investigating biochar's role in supporting healthy plants in small spaces such as our troughs and green wall installations.   Plant nutrients and beneficial bacteria support a healthier and more resilient plant.  As our trays/troughs become more established we are seeing a steady build-up of composting worms which produce cast that are of great benefit to the plants.  


We will soon have results from our research project with Plymouth University focussing on understanding more about microbial systems in small spaces, grown in different mediums mixed with biochar activated with different compost teas.

When plants are sold they are divided up and placed in carry trays or cardboard boxes for despatch. 

Quantities sold can only be in multiples of 40.

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